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Thursday, 28 May 2015

PNEC 2015 - Reflections

PNEC 2015 marks the 19th year of the conference and continues to attract good attendance (~650 people) across geological boundaries.   This reflects on the quality and the value of the conference.  Kudos to its organizers for continuing to keep the momentum with the industry going through difficult times.

PNEC recognized deserved candidates in Pam Koscinski, (Consultant, PPDM); Janet Hicks (Senior Manager, Halliburton-Landmark) and Matthias Martung (Director, Vice President Technical Data, Shell) with Cornerstone awards

Yet again 75% of the talks were focussed on 3 key areas - Master Data Management, Data Quality, Data Governance, an indication that industry is still struggling in establishing the Data Management back bone.  However there were refreshing talks on Big Data, Data Analytics & Visualization, Machine learning and Data as a service.  Good that finally we are catching up with the emerging technology trends.  Better late than never.  

The exhibits / booths predominantly had the usual suspects with the addition of Big data / No SQL vendors - Cloudera, Hortonworks and MarkLogic.  The common theme was that most of the industry is running dry and window shopping this year.   In my opinion PNEC should consider workshops which is an emerging trend in other similar conferences.

Overall a good conference and trimming it down to 2 days would be apt going forward.

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