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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Respect the Holy Grail

Remember the final act from the Indiana Jones and the last Crusade.  With handful of options on the table, the words of the Grail knight goes like this -"But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you".  I feel this is the message to all upstream Data Managers.  It is up to us to choose wisely or poorly.  

So what is the Holy Grail?  Growing up, i was always told by my teachers, parents and mentors - There is no one size fits all.  i.e. There is no one answer for all problems.  The upstream business proved this theory wrong.  They have the answer and the tool for solving every problem within the industry.  The holy grail is not pretty, not expensive just as in the movie.  Their Holy Grail - Microsoft Excel & Access.  

Downloading data, yes there is Excel. Data Integration moving data across for different business process, oh yes Excel can do it.  Calculation, Analysis, Charting and Visualization, Excel can do it all.  Data Size increases are handled with either multiple Excels or fit for purpose Microsoft Access.   Thank you Microsoft !!

As Data Managers, this is a consistent challenge practically hindering implementation of any kind of data management practice.  No wonder all the MDM, Data Governance and Data Quality implementation are thrown out of the widow and still debating every year at the conferences on the same topics for a decade. 

It is time to decide.  Do we choose poorly or do we choose wisely.  Yes i said it, embrace the Holy Grail by choosing wisely and using it wisely.  We (Data Managers) cannot get Excel and Access from the business but can design your Enterprise architecture where data can be provided as a Service to Excel.  By using Data as a Service model, Data Managers can Govern the data and the Business users with the Holy Grail consume the data as a service.

This is not a myth.  This has been proven in my professional life.  So embrace the Holy Grail, Data Managers.  

To be continued.... 

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